Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Founder's Circle Day 1!

I was up until after 12:30 last night packing and working on my swaps. When I got up this morning, I was feeling a little anxious about leaving the kids for 5 days and about going on a vacation with 125 women that I don't know. I was really afraid that Will was going to have a rough time with me leaving, but he surprised me. He said, "don't be nervous, Mommy", then he took my hand and kissed the palm and said, "when you feel scared, you can just put your hand to your cheek and know that I love you!" How sweet is that??

After a long flight, we arrived in Las Vegas around 1:00 and then loaded into the shuttle for the 2 hr drive to St George. I was so amazed by the beautiful scenery and how wonderfully nice all of the other demonstrators on my shuttle were. Upon arriving at the hotel, we received our first gift, a new stamp set from the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog!

When we walked into the dining room, my breath was taken away! In true Stampin' Up! fashion, the tables were beautifully decorated. As my upline, Catherine, and I were making our way to the table, I turned around to be face to face with Shelli, the founder and CEO of SU. I have never gotten to meet her before tonight, and as I knew I would , I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed, that I could hardly even speak. Like an old friend, she just wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. She assured me that we would have plenty of time to talk throughout the weekend. She is just so sweet!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and then headed to the lobby for the Rising Star meeting. None of us knew that we were going to be asked to speak to a large group about what we did to achieve Rising Star, and then they were able to ask us questions. I was so nervous waiting for my turn, but then as usual once I got started I could have gone on all night! (I know that is shocking!!) We finally finished up and I headed to my room (I am exhausted!). When I got off of the elevator, who was standing there right in front of my room?
None other than Shelli and her daughter, Sarah. To top off the amazing day/evening, I found a present waiting for me on my bed, another new stamp set, 3 spools of polka dot ribbon, and a set of In Color markers! Wow, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.